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Dental Veneers are one of the most popular choices for enhancing the appearance of your smile. These thin, transparent laminates are usually made from porcelain and are created to change your natural teeth' aesthetics, replace the composite bonding, and rectify the crowding issues. The veneers are permanently secured to the tooth and conceal the front portion of the tooth. While they are chiefly used for cosmetic purposes to improve the overall look of the teeth, but they can also be used for other dental issues such as hiding the gaps between the teeth, concealing cracked or discolored teeth, etc. Veneers are also useful to disguise chipped or otherwise worn teeth to improve the look and protect it from further damage.

What are the steps involved in fixing a Dental Veneer? 

The process for getting the veneers fixed requires a minimum of two dental visits. During the first visit, the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and make sure that your teeth are fit for the restoration. The teeth are then shaped and roughened so that the veneers can be quickly bonded with the help of adhesives. The dentist will then proceed to take impressions of your teeth and send the impressions to a lab. It is ensured that the veneers match the shades of your existing teeth.

After the veneers are fabricated and returned, you will be required to visit the office for their final installation. During this dental visit, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished. Then an adhesive is used to bond the veneers to your teeth. Once the veneers are placed, a high-intensity light is used to harden the adhesive and create a solid bond. The veneers secured in place become a permanent part of your teeth. The bonding agent used is so strong that the veneers can endure even the hardest of foods. This provides a durable and natural smile.

What are the benefits of Dental Veneers?

  • Veneers offer a great alternative to tooth implants and dentures.
  • They are minimally invasive and can be completed in a short duration of time.
  • When properly fitted, they help solve multiple cosmetic issues and look completely natural.
  • Minor imperfections such as chipped, discolored, or fractured teeth can be fixed by placing veneers over the damaged teeth.
  • The veneers can last anywhere from 10-15 years if cared for properly.
  • It provides a quick and effective solution for a wide range of cosmetic problems.
  • It offers a cheaper option as compared to the other alternatives.

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