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San Jose, CA

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Hersh K.

May 2017

Dr. Lambert is a fantastic Dentist. He did a wisdom tooth extraction for me last year. It was super painless and recovery was quick. I keep on going to him for all of my tooth trouble after that.  Dr.Lambert also has an expertise in the science of materials that are used to fix teeth. He answers all questions and is never pushy. He does not hesitate to recommend no treatment sometimes which makes him a rare dentist. He has made me comfortable to trust him with my teeth. I Strongly recommend going to Dr.Lambert.

Brooke S.

Apr 2017

Best dentist around.  I switched jobs and lost my dental insurance plan to see him so I switched to a different plan to get him back!

Samuel S.

Jan 2017

I've been going for a couple years now. The staff are wonderful, engaging, and expedient. Service is always top notch, and i leave with a smile :D

De R.

Dec 2016

I found Dr Lambert over a decade ago on 1 800 dentist and keep coming back! :) His entire staff is top knotch, bar none. They make a point to make you feel welcome, at home, are comfortable and invest in you as their patient.  I could not be happier and more trustworthy. Thank you Dr Lambert and staff for all the care you have given me and continue to provide.

Joseph S.

Dec 2016

Michael is a pretty nice guy and a great dentist as well. The office is clean, modern, and well appointed. The only possible downside I could see as a new patient is that you might have to wait a while to get an appointment. It's like waiting in line at a restaurant. If the line is long you know the food is pretty good!

Javier B.

Oct 2016

Scheduled an appointment with Dr Michael after reading  all the positive Yelp reviews.  Need a root canal and a new crown  but have an infection in my old crown I was out if the country so I needed an appointment  fast.  He was able to accommodate me immediately. Furthermore he was very honest and explained  all very patiently. He did not rush at all, he had a very tranquil vibe. Felt very at ease.Also since we informed  that we were  cash patients he charged us soo little. I felt almost  embarrassed at the discount.  To be honest  the doctor is in retiring  age, he was a profesor to other dentists in the area including our Orthodontist. He doesn't  need your  money anymore so he won't try to oversell you or tell you to get treatment  you do not need.  He keeps working because  HE LOVES  his job. Very honest  dentist, highly  knowledgeable and very  skilled. A gem! I wish I could  give him more stars.

Sumantra C.

Aug 2016

I visited Dr Lambert's office for the first time today after severe toothache on a tooth on the lower right. Dr Lambert did a quick X-ray, informed me the need for a root canal. While explaining the price he also let me know that i have the liberty to find root canal options elsewhere too. His staff was all very nice and explained to me the Out of Pocket cost very nicely

DeeDee W.

Aug 2016

I found Dr Lambert through yelp and a year and a half later Im so grateful for him and his staff.. I suffered for years from such anxiety and paralyzing fear of dentists his warm joking manner and friendly knowledgeable staff have made my dental woes so much better he addresses the issues and provides the exact amount of perfect help I need I am truly blessed to have them all..

David E.

Jul 2016

I don't have words to appreciate Dr Lambert's creator.  It is a bless to have him! I don't think I have powerful enough words to describe and appreciate him and everyone in his office. All I can say is "thank you dear God!" Thank you Dr. Lambert and everyone in his office!

Paula C.

Jul 2016

Dr. Lambert and his staff are excellent at what they do. All of the staff are long term and that really tells you about the way that Dr. Lambert treats his staff as well as his patients. I have Type 2 Diabetes and a horrible history with dentists / periodontists, which have led to me being extremely anxious when I have to go. The minute I stepped into his office, I felt at ease. I won't say that my first cleaning was without anxiety...it was. However, within a few minutes, I knew I was in good hands and relaxed for the first time in years while getting my teeth cleaned. I had issues from three implants that were failing from a prior periodontist in Florida. Unfortunately, two of them had to be removed and I had to start the process over. Dr. Lambert recommended me to the best periodontist...again, the best staff and experience ever in my life. I really wish that he would have been my dentist for my entire life. I would have never experienced the horror stories and expense of other dentists. You will not regret your experience here. I highly recommend Dr. Lambert and his staff!

Heather C.

Jun 2016

Best dentist visit ever! Easy to schedule. Dr. Lambert was friendly and thorough. He didn't try to sell me the latest waterpik or make me watch videos about his dental equipment (like my dentists before him). His lovely assistant was kind and gentle. Zero pain, on time. I will tell all my friends and family to go here!

K C.

Jun 2016

Our family has been seeing Dr. Lambert for our dental care for over 21 years.  He and his staff are awesome.  He has cared for our children's teeth from infancy through college years.

r t.

May 2016

Fantastic!!!! If I could rate him and his staff higher I would!!!  I'm very particular with my dental care since I pay for it out of pocket so I wanted to get the best. I contacted my nephew (who is also a dentist but he has now has moved out of the area so I can't go to him; he lives just too far away). He immediately recommended Dr. Lambert. He told me he was one of his professors from his dental school and that Dr. Lambert was the BEST!!!! So I went.First of all, Dr. Lambert is probably one of the nicest down to earth guys I've met. But more importantly, he took SUCH great care of me (and his staff as well) that I decided to do a yelp on him. I NEVER Yelp, but my experience was amazing, I thought I should!!!  I Highly HIGHLY recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin T.

R R.

May 2016

Search for the word "integrity" in Dr. Lambert's reviews. You will find several results, and that in itself says a lot about his practice. Dr. Lambert is the most ethical dentist I have ever been to. In the last five years that my husband and I have been going to him, we haven't had a single "cavity." His belief is that if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I used to go to dentists who would take x-rays of my teeth every two years like clockwork. Dr. Lambert doesn't take advantage of the system. He only takes x-rays as needed. In fact, I don't remember the last time I had an x-ray. Less exposure to x-rays in my life is a good thing! Dr. Lambert has mentioned that people often underestimate the natural strength of our teeth. Instead of being drill-happy like so many greedy dentists out there, he gives our teeth a chance to heal itself. I would much rather wait and see if a dark spot on my tooth is in fact a cavity before having a big hole drilled into my tooth for a filling.Please don't retire anytime soon, Dr. Lambert! We need more doctors like you!

p. b.

Jan 2016

They don't come any better, not more honest or with higher integrity.Less than 10 years ago the dentist I'd been going to since childhood retired.  That was a big deal because after all the years of growing up and growing old together I was going to have to find someone new.  I continued on with his successor for awhile but when the prices had gone up and I found myself paying for things I'd never been charged for before I decided the drive was no longer worth it and looked for someone closer to home.  At the recommendation of a very reliable source I went to a new office.  It's a happening place with multiple chairs, cool music playing, state-of-the-art equipment, a young and attractive staff.  Although my husband had been trying to get me to go to his dentist all along, Dr. Lambert, change was hard.  I went to the happening place for awhile but it just never grabbed me so in hand with a $10K treatment plan of what it would take to make my already nice smile perfect I finally went to see Dr. Lambert and have never been more thankful.  He could have made a mint off me but instead told me he sees those plans come through every day and I didn't need it, which I don't.  He's a straight shooter who knows his stuff, a no non-sense, upstanding man with an equally credible staff.  Outside office hours he not only teaches in San Francisco, but has given weeks of his time to the poor building houses in Mexico through his church, and provided dental care in Honduras.The dental office of Dr. Michael Lambert has everything and more than I could ask for, but when my 10 year old said she "loves the dentist" that sealed the deal!

Yolanda E.

Jan 2016

I came to Dr. Lambert's office scared, and with extreme anxiety. From the moment I entered the door I felt comfortable with his staff. Rita at the front desk greeted me with a smile and made me feel so welcomed. Connie did my X-rays and saw that I was nervous and and talked to me and made me feel at ease. When I met Dr. Lambert he listened to everything I had to say and was real attentive to my feelings and answered all my questions. He has great bed side manner and is very compassionate and empathic with his patients. I returned a week later for my cleaning which Irma did. She is awesome! She talked with me the whole time, made me laugh and did an excellent job with my cleaning and also be very through with her instructions and aftercare.I would recommend this office to all my friends and family. I finally found a dentist office I completely trust!

Dan C.

Dec 2015

While growing up, I truly had the dentist-from-hell. Think Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors". Needless to say, this led me down a path of dental neglect and poor hygiene.By the time I was ready to clean up my act, I chose a dentist who had an office manager that should have been a used car salesman. They offered to fix me up for the amazing price of $40,000. Really? I literally walked out of the office as she was going over the treatment plan.Next stop, Dr. Michael Lambert. I simply cannot express how wonderful it is to work with a man and his entire staff that are so honest, caring and knowledgable. I have a dental insurance plan that Dr. Lambert does not subscribe to but will never use that insurance as I'm not about to go anywhere else.I can't recommend him enough!

Dororo H.

Nov 2015

Dr. Lambert is an honest and caring person. I found him by reading the reviews on yelp and other online references for recommendations for doctors. You will feel he has such good practical experience on this field when you make a comparison with other dentists you had before. Some people might prefer dentist at a younger age due to the advanced knowledge/techniques he/she has; I do think the years of experience is the most important thing. Dr. Lambert never asks you to do some treatment that is not necessary.  He always think for you and give you the most reasonable and helpful advices. My husband visited him and was diagnosed with a terrible gum disease and Dr. Lambert has been working very hard to do whatever he can do to help. Why going to the dishonest places for spending money for low quality service? Dr. Lambert's office is the right place to go.

Renee F.

Oct 2015

Last Saturday, my 7 year old daughter unfortunately fell off her bicycle and chipped a good size chunk out of her almost grown in 2 month old front adult tooth. As a mom, I was horrified (but of course I couldn't let my daughter know that). We were able to find the piece of tooth off the asphalt and brought it with us to the appointment (first thing Monday morning). Dr. Lambert was kind and sympathetic and immediately went to work to glue the piece back on. He had to give my daughter novocaine for the first time in her life. Dr. Lambert and his assistant were so sly with covering her eyes with a mask "to keep the light out of her eyes" that she still doesn't know she had multiple shots in her gums. The whole procedure took an hour. Dr. Lambert was diligent in trying to get it right. If you didn't know what had happened to my daughter's tooth, you couldn't tell by looking at her. My daughter is happy and I am thrilled about the outcome. Our family of four, which includes my 7 year old daughter and my 4 year old son, have come to Dr. Lambert for years. My kids love going to the dentist and this horrifying experience didn't change my daughter's mind one bit. Well done Dr. Lambert!!!

Patricia S.

Oct 2015

I strongly dislike going to the dentist!  When I go, it's because I HAVE to go.  I decided to give Dr. Lambert a chance.  I got there a little early and he was the person that greeted me as I walked in and gave me the form to fill out!  He was super friendly, nice and most importantly, GENTLE!  He explained everything that he was doing/about to do.  He is awesome with his staff, unlike other dentists I've  come across.  I will definitely return!  Thank you Dr. Lambert and staff for making my visit, a pleasant one!

Scott H.

Oct 2015

Our family has been going to Dr. Lambert for over 10 years.  He loves his job and cares about doing good work.   He is very warm and welcoming.  We would recommend Dr. Lambert to anyone.  Thank you Dr. Lambert.Scott and Samira Hoffman

Adelle G.

Oct 2014

Honest and forthright, Dr. Lambert gives sound advice, with a conservative approach. My previous dentist wanted me to have four teeth filled and another crowned, Dr. Lambert reviewed my xrays and said it was just one that needed a filling. He never pushes for more services than are absolutely necessary! I also love that he has a great relationship with his staff. They clearly enjoy working for him, which says a lot!

Joshua S.

Aug 2014

I saw 3 different dentist.  All telling us that my wife needed another $5-7K more work for a tooth ache / sensitivity problem.  2 visits later with a couple of bite adjustments, problem solved.  3 years of pain and $10,000 spent, fixed for less than $200.00.  Friendly, courteous, professional and results.  That's all I ask for.  Thanks Doc.

Anthony M.

Jul 2014

Dr. Lambert is a straight shooter with a nice sense of humor. His staff is very friendly and does a thorough job with cleaning and scaling. Highly recommend him and his staff.

Tina T.

May 2014

Dr. Lambert and his Staff are the best.  They are an amazing team of genuine caring people. The office is conveniently located, very clean and comfortable.  My cleaning by Erma was thorough and helpful, we talked about ways to improve things. Also needed a filling, Dr Lambert is gifted. Just an overall pleasurable experience... Who can say that about going to the dentist?

Manu D.

Mar 2014

Very good doctor. Explains the condition well.. Does not hurry through to see other patients. Gives you enough time. Expert at dental procedures. Fair prices and insurance/billing is simple

Sam H.

Jan 2014

I did a complete root canal and crown procedure with him. Very straight forward guy, explains everything to you so you would know what he is doing to you.I had a root canal and a crown procedure and it all went well.Definitely recommend him!

Yevgeniya V.

Jan 2014

Dr. Lambert runs an old school practice. There's a reason his almost his entire office staff has worked with him for more than a decade (literally, only one person has worked there less than 10 years) and thats because he runs a good, fair practice, and treats his patients and employees very well.  He is straight forward, honest, and has a great tooth-side manner. He is passionate about preventative care (I kid you not, he actually got me to floss everyday) but maintains a strict 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' policy. If he says something needs to be done, I know its important and worthwhile. I never have to wonder about his recommendations, or worry about having to get a second opinion. His reception staff are also fantastic, the ladies are truly saints. I have called at least twice in the past year requesting asap appointments (once because of severe pain, and another because my insurance was about to expire and I needed to finish off some benefits) and they somehow managed to move some things around. - that being said, lets not abuse that privilege. Basically, he's not allowed to retire... ever. We denist-phobes really need him.

Augustine O.

Oct 2013

This is a followup to my previous review. Take a look at my profile picture, Dr Lambert had a major role in giving me that smile. What is great about going to see Dr Lambert is that it never felt like going to the dentist.

Gloria A.

Oct 2013

This review is way over due.. I have been a patient of Dr. Lambert for over 15 years.  Dr. Lambert and his staff are awesome!  Friendly, caring, professional are how I describe Dr. Lambert and his staff. I can honestly say that I look forward to my dentist visits.  Not only do I get my check-ups but I can catch-up with my friends (Dr. Lambert and his staff)  If you looking for a good dentist check the yellow pages.. but if you are looking for a GREAT dentist go to Dr. Lambert.

Nikhil A.

Oct 2013

He is very caring, concern and selfless dentist.Such people in professional field are rare.It was a great experience to visit him for my dental checkup. I rarely give any reviews but his persona made me do so.

Jonathan S.

Oct 2013

I couldn't be more happy with Michael Lambert. Very personable, listened to everything I had to say, we joked around had a good time and he gave me a very professional and personal experience. I found my new permanent dentist office!

Ceana K.

Aug 2013

It's so so hard to find a good dentist - that does good work and that you can trust!! I've been here twice for a cleaning and will never go to another dentist again. I've been to several other dentists who are pushy, unfriendly or untrustworthy. However, Dr. Lambert and his staff are kind, courteous and extremely calming.  I know I'm in good hands with them. Even the front desk is great - which NEVER happens at a dentist's office. I'm not sure what I can say that others haven't already said. Other than that if you're looking for a denist who WON'T rip you off, then come here. It's not a swanky state-of-the-art office, but really - is all that necessary?! I always try and come to places that won't charge you for unnecessary technology or services and this is definitely that kind of place. I can't stress enough how much I recommend Dr. Lambert and his staff. His hygienists are thorough and thoughtful people. Dr. Lambert insists on seeing on all his patients - even if it's just for a cleaning. How awesome is that? OH and if you're afraid of dentist, then see Dr. Lambert  - he will put you at ease. :)

Mariana H.

Apr 2013

I went to dr. Lambert for my first time, and walked away a happy camper.Not only did he inform me that I did NOT have any cavities (he could easily have sold me on paying for cavities to be filled, because how would I know?) but he is a really nice and funny guy!I had also come in to have a chipped tooth repaired, and Dr. Lambert made the recommendation that I just let him sand the tooth down, instead of filling it, which saved me a lot of money and also made my teeth look a lot straighter. I think I may have found my go-to dentist!

Don C.

Jan 2013

I've been to Dr. Lambert's office twice after moving here from the midwest.  I was looking for an honest, caring, and straightforward dentist and wasn't sure if I'd find one.After turning to yelp and reading the reviews, I scheduled a visit and was amazed at the quality & care of Dr. Lambert's team.  Dr. Lambert also constantly keeps his patients in the loop as far as what he's about to look for, do, or how he is diagnosing what happening with your teeth.I highly recommend this practice if you are looking for a new dentist.

Clayton O.

Dec 2012

The DMD behind his name is not for nothingDr. Lambert is a master dentist He relates his understanding of the human body & the materials that go into itin a pleasant, professional, courteous & gracious manner.My case:I scheduled a consultation for a front tooth (#8) veneer replacement& a molar (#3) which a DDS & MD/DDS both diagnosed with severe nerve damageThey prescribed costly root canal or extraction/implants.Dr. Lambert tested my nerves with ice, un-intrusively probed my mouth& determined that the molar could be saved with a zinc oxide temporary & amalgam permanent fillingFor the front veneer, a master ceramicist colleague of his selected 4 or 5 shades His rates are lower than the rate I paid to a DDS to install the original veneer And lower than the rate I paid another DDS who attempted to re-install a replacement.Now I am confident that my teeth are in good hands.Thanks to everybody in the team!

Clayton S.

Nov 2012

Dentist offices aren't pleasant experiences for anyone. We go there to have stuff done that's only spoken of in childrens horror stories! (!!) But what's worse is the dentists who couldn't care less about their patients. Of course this is an ongoing issue in the healthcare industry that won't ever end with our current system, but Dr Lambert stands on his own in this regard.Months back I was quoted as having to pay about 6k for three crowns to be done by a Dr. Roberts also in San Jose. Not having the money immediately anyway, I figured why not get a second opinion. I was directed here by family and as it turns out none of it was true--I didn't need any of the crowns, just fillings. Dr Lambert took care of it for under 1k and everything is peachy. Luckily for the other guy, there's no place I can go to rant... and I'm not crazy (see: brave) enough to egg his crappy office.I feel ashamed that I almost forgot to write this. It's so deserved. After seeing all the other reviews it makes me laugh and just hope others can find him too, because man, it's a mine field out there.Thanks Dr Lambert. Everyone go give him money.

B. W.

Nov 2012

I'm a recent graduate and in between jobs which means I don't have dental insurance, so of course I was extremely hesitant to go to the dentist after some tooth ache.  Fillings are expensive! So after examining yelp, I decided to go see Dr. Lambert this morning.  From this one meeting, he displayed a high level of honesty and integrity.  He saved me from unnecessary work, and was really clear and open about explaining to me his diagnosis and professional opinion.  His assistants are also really friendly and I felt comfortable from the first minute I walked into his office.  I am SO grateful to everyone there.

Francisco B.

Oct 2012

What can I say?  Nothing but honesty and integrity at this place which is hard to find in a dentist.  Dr. Lambert tells it like it is and his assistants are wonderful.If you are looking for a state of the art dental office, with the latest gadgets (flat screens all over the place, fancy bathrooms, fancy furniture, sleek deep cleaning robots, etc.),  this is not the place for you as those types of dental offices are forced to find something wrong in your mouth in order to pay for the upgrades.  This is just a nice clean dental office that doesn't treat their patients mouth like piggy banks.

Shyamala D.

Sep 2012

Lambert is the best dentist. He doesn't ask to perform procedures just for the sake of doing something. Usually if a dentist recommends to remove a wisdom teeth, they encourage to remove all the wisdom teeth. But Dr. Lambert didn't. He said if it doesn't bother you, why do something. So that is the kind of dentist I am looking for.

Chad H.

Sep 2012

Best dentist I've ever been to.  Was having a terrible tooth pain & they squeezed me in.  Dr. Lambert is really funny & good humored.  He also explains everything to you in a succinct & easy to understand manner.  One option for my tooth pain was a temporary filling.  When I chose this, Dr. Lambert reached over & grabbed a tray and started immediately.  I have never been to a dentist who is so prepared.  I had my teeth examined, x-rayed, drilled & filled & was out in an hour.  I never once felt rushed or that squeezing me in was an inconvenience.  All of the staff is also as friendly & knowledgable as Dr. Lambert.  I would recommend that everyone go here for all dental needs.  I am currently looking to find a dental insurance plan and my one requirement is that the insurance be accepted at Dr. Lambert's office.

Irina P.

Jul 2012

I have signed up to yelp to write this review.I came to Dr Lambert office to get the second opinion after I was told by somebody else I need to do a lot of stuff for $$$..I was impressed Dr Lambert didn't propose the work that as it turned out I don't need ! Now I know where to go.

Timothy C.

Jun 2012

My first yelp review, and it goes to Dr. Lambert.  I've been a patient of his now for 22 years.  I first went to him back in 1990 on the recommendation of my manager at the time, another long time patient.Dr. Lambert has always been professional, courteous, and given me all the options so I could make my own informed decision regarding my teeth.  When work isn't necessary, he'll tell me.  I've had a root canal, fillings and several crowns done by Dr. Lambert.  The most recent crown was just a few weeks ago as a replacement for a crown that Dr. Lambert put in back in 1995 or 1996.  The porcelain side chipped, and I decided to have it replaced (he suggested if I could live with the feel and appearance it did not necessarily need to be replaced).  Because he had done such a good job installing the first crown, it was actually quite difficult to remove, a sign he really took his time and care in putting in the crown.  Dr. Lambert was also a perfectionist with the replacement crown, so when it missed touching the tooth in front, he had it sent back to the lab for adjustment, and would only install it when it was perfect fit.I also go in every six months for a cleaning at his office and love his staff.  Irma has been cleaning my teeth for a dozen or more years now, with an occasional one done by Elvie.  Irma and Dr. Lambert always ask about my family and remember the important events in my life.When my parents moved to California a number of years ago, I also sent them to Dr. Lambert, and he took care of them with the understanding they did not have dental insurance, and he always made sure they knew the best fiscal option given their circumstances.  When each of them passed away, his office sent condolences.I highly recommend Dr. Lambert, and probably should have done this sooner!

Angela B.

Apr 2012

Can't say how much I LOVE this dentist office.  My husband and I have been going to Dr. Lambert for about 10 years now and the team feels like family.  The staff has been consistent, professional, warm & friendly.  Rita at the front desk knows exactly who I am when I call and say, "Hi Rita, this is Angela" even though I'm sure I'm not the only Angela at their practice...the hygienists (Shay, Elvie and Irma) are so very sweet, and always do a great job...and Dr. Lambert is awesome.  He tells you what he thinks, never tries to force procedures on you, take time to explain his recommendations, and is a genuinely concerned about your best interest.  The first time my husband had invasive treatment, we got a phone call from Dr. Lambert that evening checking to see how he was doing...totally unexpected (it wasn't surgery or anything), but was appreciated.  I had an emergency root canal come up one week when Dr. Lambert was out of town.  His back-up doctor was excellent, and Dr. Lambert followed up with a phone call from his vacation.  Now Dr. Lambert jokes with me every time I'm in the office to make sure I am aware of his vacation schedule so I can plan my emergencies around his vacation :)After we had our son, Dr. Lambert's team gave us lots of useful information about starting to brush the baby's teeth, when to bring him in for appointments, etc.  At 2-years old we didn't even think about going to a children's office, we brought my son to Dr. Lambert.  Never thought it would go as smooth as it did, but my son loved the experience.  Dr. Lambert & Shay (the hygienist we usually see) made him feel so comfortable, showed him how to work all the equipment, and was able to get him to open his mouth and do a full dental exam (poking and prodding...the whole bit).

Matt V.

Apr 2012

One week after my previous review, I returned to Dr. Lambert's office for my deep tissue cleaning. During the cleaning, he thanked me profusely for the review, saying that it really helps others who are unfamiliar with the practice to understand the integrity that he and his team brings to the dental profession.Of course, there was no need to thank me; all I wrote was the truth, and integrity is certainly something that this office doesn't lack.As I mentioned in my previous review, I had recently visited another dental office, where I was recommended 18 fillings. My uncle, who's also a dentist, looked at my x-ray and told me that was bogus; he insisted that I get a second opinion, which is when I met Dr. Lambert. Dr. Lambert's opinion agreed with my uncle's, and said that I needed zero fillings. Literally none.But what all three dentists agreed on was that my gums weren't in great shape, and that I'd need a deep tissue cleaning.What I didn't mention in my last review is that when I saw the other dentist in San Jose, I actually got the deep tissue cleaning on the upper-left quadrant of my mouth. For about two weeks afterward, there was pain in my gums where the dentist did work.I didn't realize until visiting Dr. Lambert for the second opinion, though, that there was a visible wound in my mouth from the last dentist's work. Dr. Lambert said "You have an 'owie' in your gums." I informed him that it was as a result of my deep tissue cleaning, and Dr. Lambert candidly said "I had a feeling that was the case, but I didn't want to say anything until you told me that."He explained to me that the other dentist failed to follow the usual protocol, and that usually with patients who have such inflammation in the gums, it's best to start with a debridement. This procedure removes the large pieces of calculus and tartar from the teeth. The benefit of starting with a debridement before a deep tissue cleaning is that it lets the gums get used to being worked on, and allows the gums a chance to heal, before having them undergo the more comprehensive deep tissue cleaning.Well, Dr. Lambert was right.Fast forward six months, and I returned to Dr. Lambert's office last week for my debridement. No problems here, and my gums recovered great.Then, just the day before yesterday, I came in and got my deep tissue cleaning. And, sure enough, just two days later there's no pain in my gums at all. There certainly aren't any visible wounds, either, and I'm now sold on the proper procedure: debridement first, deep tissue second.As for the deep tissue cleaning itself, I was in the very capable hands of Shay, one of the hygienists who also did my debridement the previous week. She is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of respect for Dr. Lambert's practice.She shared with me a story of her own mother, who was a quadriplegic. Shay had gone all over town, trying to find a dentist to work on her mother, and everybody refused because of her mother's disability, which would require the dentist to stand up the whole time while working on her. Dr. Lambert was the only dentist willing to give her and her mother the time of day, and Dr. Lambert worked on her mother throughout the rest of her life.I could see in her eye just how touched Shay was by Dr. Lambert. She clearly felt very positively of her employer and the office she works at.Shay seems every bit as devoted to the practice now as Dr. Lambert was to her mother. Not only did she do a deep tissue cleaning on half of my mouth as planned, but she also was willing to do the other half of my mouth when I requested it.After the cleaning, she cheerfully informed me that it's a brand new beginning for me, and that my gums will now be back to healthy. What happens next is up to me; she then very knowledgeably informed me on the practices I should utilize to keep my gums healthy.Looking at my gums immediately following the cleaning, there was a noticeable improvement, which has continued to improve even more in the days following the cleaning. It truly is a new beginning, one that I'm grateful for.So, thank you Shay and thank you Dr. Lambert. Thank you for your integrity. Thank you for your passion. And thank you for your devotion.

Todd W.

Apr 2012

This is a real deal dentist.  Not the marketing, salesmen type that I have experienced in the past.  I finally found a real dentist like the kind I grew up with.  There is no extra charges or unnecessary procedures that they are trying to sell you.  Helpful, informative and knowledgeable staff that is personable is what this is.  If you are looking for an honest dentist and have had trouble with dentists trying to gouge you in the past, try Dr. Lambert.

Laura D.

Mar 2012

Excellent doctor and teacher. I went to his office as an intern and all I can say is that he is honest and very knowledgable, in addition to being very friendly and funny. He taught me a lot, he taught me that patients have the right to know the truth, and that there are many Dentists out there who lie to patients for money. Through out my course of time, I saw him save patients hundreds of dollars from mis-diagnoses of other dentists. I am grateful to have interned at his office because I learned so much from him. He loves his job, and he loves teaching that passion to others. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, humorous, and down-to-earth Dentist.

Paul Y.

Mar 2012

Hands down the best dentist I have been to. He has always taken the time to explain what is going on with 'digits', good or bad. Even before I became a regular patient, he went out of his way to help with one stubborn tooth that would not go numb. The staff is always genuinely super friendly. It really feels like I am part of a family whenever I go in there. I am blessed to have found him.

Brenda B.

Feb 2012

I love Dr. Lambert! He was referred to me by a co-worker 6 years ago. Now, my whole family sees him. He is honest, kind, professional, yet has a great sense of humor! I have absolutely nothing negative to say. If you are looking for a great staff to clean your teeth and a dentist who will care for you, go see Dr. Lambert!

joan k.

Feb 2012

Today Dr. Lambert managed to save my son's tooth and avoid major dental work saving us a very large dental bill. I know he went out of his way to fix the nasty tooth without a root canal and/or crown. I am very grateful....yet again!

Mel S.

Nov 2011

Decided to give this practice a try based on the Yelp 5 star reviews.  It's all true, this place is the best.  Let's be honest, dental work can be an uncomfortable experience. You are immobilized in a reclining chair wearing a bib with your mouth wide open...it's all a bit regressive.  Dr. Lambert and staff go above and beyond to let you know you are in good hands.  Professional, conservative approach to dentistry  combined with a super friendly, positive atmosphere.  So happy to have found this practice!

Alicia N.

Sep 2011

Simply the best!

Indra R.

Aug 2011

Dr Lambert is the endangered species of physicians / dentists - he is not in his profession for the money but to help his patients have a better dental life. He is not my regular dentist because he is far from my neck of the woods (wish his office was open on saturdays) but whenever some other dentist says something "alarming" I run to my trusted dentist. Thank you Dr Lambert and btw his office staff is definitely helpful.

Abe F.

Aug 2011

I live in Concord and Dr. Lambert's office is in San Jose, I don't mind the extra miles because he is a great dentist with extensive knowledge about teeth, gums and mouth. Dr. Lambert is upfront, honest, compassionate, and supportive. I believe Dr. Lambert's extensive knowledge and his friendly staff provides the best dental care possible. I highly recommend him.I. Faizi

Vikram G.

Jul 2011

Dr. Lambert is a straight shooter with a nice sense of humor. His staff is very friendly and does a thorough job with cleaning and scaling. Highly recommend him and his staff.

Charles C.

Jun 2011

Best Dentist I have ever had. I have not been to a dentist in 8 years, he pretty much had to rebuild my whole mouth. I am ecstatic with the level service and the results. Plus he is a Zepplin fan ;)

Elizabeth W.

Jun 2011

I. hate. going. to. the. dentist.I mean, viscerally. It's in my DNA. I d-e-s-p-i-s-e it. And this feeling typically carries over to those who actually perform the task. Seriously, how can you have good things to say about someone whose job it is to drill in your head? Nevermind the fact that I seem to be cursed with some seriously bad teeth. Great gums, just crappy teeth. Thanks, Mom. My long-time dentist retired several years ago and I've bounced around between doctors since then. I went in search of a new dentist after my last one referred me to a specialist who told me I needed 20K worth of work immediatelyifnotsooner. This was the last straw with that dentist; I needed to find a new "regular" as well as get confirmation that I truly needed this level of work done to my gnashers. Thanks to Yelp, I found several highly rated docs to call upon. But it is Dr. Lambert who I am going to stick with!And, Dr. Lambert *really is* worth all the five star reviews here on Yelp. A dentist who is funny, warm, makes you feel comfortable and at home. A dentist who asks YOUR opinions, asks you what YOU think you need done, asks what you WANT done, and only after that, gives his opinion. A dentist who doesn't make you feel rushed, makes sure to ask several times if you have any other questions, makes sure you know there are "no secrets" in his office and that any and all of his staff can also answer your questions if he's not around -- or else will get the answer for you and get back to you. That is Dr. Lambert. He seems to genuinely love doing what he does. You just don't find that too often today in ANYTHING anymore. I felt like I won the dentist lotto the first time I met this guy. It didn't hurt that he didn't think I needed all of that $20K worth of dental work, either. So, while going to see Dr. Lambert doesn't make me hate going to the dentist any less, he certainly makes it a much more pleasant experience than I've encountered before. What a find! Thanks, Yelp!!He just better not retire anytime soon is all I have to say!

James G.

May 2011

Update! Just had my first cleaning at Dr. Lambert's office. I actually enjoyed (as much as you can enjoy a cleaning) it. Amazing where I have come from. Dentists used to freak me out so I avoided them for years. Now I will happily return every 6 months. :)Feel free to contact me if you have doubts or questions!!!

Rebecca N.

May 2011

Dr. Lambert is my smile savior. After being thoroughly disappointed with my previous dentist's work, I did a lot of research to find a dental office that could correct my concerns. He made my smile the way that it was supposed to be - perfect! With hindsight being 20/20, I wish that I had invested the extra resources to get it done right the first time. However, I'm extremely happy with my smile makeover and I'm officially recommending Dr Lambert  as the best, most meticulous dentist in San Jose.

Brian W.

May 2011

They definitely know how to turn a simple dentist visit into a pleasant experience. The dentist is professional and caring. I highly recommend them.


May 2011

Ok, once again, work and trips get in the way of "going to the dentist".  I come in after a few years, and again, the best service, ease of billing (big patience in payment since my company can be slow to reimburse me in my payments).   The staff was sensitive to my lack of up to date dental visits, but I did follow their tips in getting a powered brusher and other dental implements that kept my gums and teeth in good shape.I feel like I let Dr. Lambert and the staff down every check up when they give me the feedback on my own teeth that I should be taking care of since they are so positive and informative...KUDOS!Thanks!RC

Gene B.

Feb 2011

I was in a lot of pain and Dr. Lambert saw me very quickly, and resolved it quickly.  He has a great disposition and attitude.  He provided me with (what seemed to be - so far so good! :) ) good information.   His staff is very professional, helpful, and friendly.  For the 2 times I have met him, he seems to me a genuinely good guy, as well as a very good, knowledgeable, and experienced dentist.

Stephen J.

Jan 2011

An excellent dentist that I have been going to for years. They make you feel like a happy family.

monalisa w.

Jan 2011

Dr. Lambert is one of the proffesionest and very kind hearted  person. He treaes his patient as if there is some magic in his hands very good experience.

Amy H.

Dec 2010

I also went to Dr. Lambert after reading the many great reviews about him on Yelp. I was happy and relieved to find out he is one hella a dentist like many people been saying. Dr. Lambert is exceptionally competent, personable, efficient and thorough with his work. What's even more important is he is ethical. I had gone to several dentists about my situation but never felt quite right about getting the work done somehow. There was one dentist prior that took xrays, did an exam and said i needed to do a root canal on 2 teeth. She quoted me a $1000 each. I asked her which one is more severe that i should do first (thinking that maybe i could  space it out a bit instead of paying a whopping 2K at once) She said 'both' -they're both are needed. I thanked her but somehow i had a bit weird feeling when she said that. But i brushed it off thinking she's a dentist and i should talk the money part to the front desk. I went home then thought fine i might as well do it and get it over it. I went online to read about the procedures a bit and realized there are different types of crowns dentist use. I called her office wanting to ask if i could choose a particular type and left  a message. I never got a returned call. I went to Dr. Lambert and didn't even tell him any of this except asked if i needed to do the root canal. He told me I don't need it period....I was SHocked and bit confused. I kinda almost debated with him as if trying to convince him maybe i needed. I had one tooth that was hurting alot and didn't understand why. He ended up doing a filling on one tooth and told me the one that was hurting... it's because i grind my teeth at night and that's why the 2nd tooth looks worn down and hurting. He told me to go get a night guard right away( and i'v been wearing it and it's much better). Dr. Lambert was so helpful. He gives you honest information and doesn't try to get you to do more work than needed. For the quack dentists out there, how do they sleep at night lying to someone who looks to them for the work they provide in their chosen profession.?If you decide to give Dr. Lambert a visit, you'll find he does go out of his way to help his patients. There's a kindness, ethical way about his work that shows it's more than just making a living. He cares..I've been wanting to write this post and procrastinated until now. I've been feeling bit guilty :)- until now. There are more i could say but i would be writing alot - Judging from this post you know it's very possible! :) The doctor is professional, caring and he has a good sense of humor. :) His staff are great too and when you call, you'll prob will speak to Rita. She's the sweetest person ever. All in all, Im very glad i found him and i think you'll probably won't be disappointed neither. Thanks Dr. Lambert for the wonderful work and the care you provide..

Jeffry H.

Dec 2010

I have been going to Dr. lambert for my dental care ever since reading the excellent reviews from Yelpers. One word to say is "Superb!". He explains every single detail before he does anything. One time he did the deep teeth cleaning for me for the price of basic cleaning because he simply felt upset of my previous dentists who did bad job for leaving the big tartar around my wisdom tooth area for years. He really deserves the five stars!

Nayan C.

Nov 2010

I went to Dr. Lambert after reading all the reviews on Yelp. I thank you all yelpers for your reviews. True to the reviews Dr. Lambert is a very competent and caring professional. All his staff were also pretty helpful.Thanks!

Dave G.

Nov 2010

Dr. Lambert and his staff are extremely nice. The first time I went to him was about 6 months ago, and he saw me on short notice after a crown fell off. I have been back for 2 cleanings and each of the hygienists took their time to do a very thorough job as well as give me tips on dental care. Dr. Lambert has a great repoire with his patients and it was obvious to me that his first concern was my dental health. I would highly recommend Dr. Lambert's office if you are looking for a dentist.

Yelp U.

Oct 2010

Dr. Lambert is a one-of-a-kind dentist.  He goes out of his way to help each patient.  I just had a visit with him and he fixed my crown for free--and he didn't even have to do that.  I came in with a chipped porcelian due to the fact that my previous dentist did not do a proper job.  Needless to say, it chipped twice, one time while I was eating soggy cereal, and the other time recently, while chewing on soft bread from my sandwich.  The tooth sort of just slipped off.  I didn't felt it cracked or anything.  It was only until I felt something hard (like a piece of chicken bone), that's when I saw the chipped tooth.He offered me many choices and never even tried to make a dime from me.  He always have a positive attitude and smiles all the time.  I highly recommend Dr. Lambert.  He is comptetent, super-friendly, crack jokes, and is good around kids, too.  I saw him talking to the kids and their parents last time I was there.  Look no further, come see Dr. Lambert and you no longer have to fear the dentist...or that creepy 1-800-Dentist commercial.

Dawn H.

Sep 2010

I visited Dr. Lambert's office after reading review on Yelp.  I found the office staff very friendly and helpful.  Reception area was nice.  Dr. Lambert spent time explaining what was going on with a tooth issue I was having and told me how it probably happened.  I just returned from having Shay do a cleaning and she was very nice and thorough and did a little education in terms I could understand.  Conversation was light and was not between her and others as has been my previous experience.Dr. Lambert, Rita, Shay - and all others in the office have a good team spirit and are warm and friendly.  I would definitely recommend to others.  I just hope my new insurance next year is good at their office!

Laura B.

Aug 2010

If only I had found him before all of my dental issues!!This guy is fantastic.  I used to have an irrational fear of dentists until now!I was told by other dentists that I needed 4-6 fillings, plus a cleaning, plus all this other crap.  I was so fed up by dishonest dentists and people just interested in your checkbook.  My mom found Dr. Lambert on Yelp and decided to try him.  After the xrays, he told me I need no fillings.  That''s right.... NONE!  :) So nice to find a guy who isn't drill happy!  I was thrilled and also a little angry that the other dentists were just trying to hustle me.  Turns out that the tooth pain was just from me grinding my teeth at night.Not only was he in the waiting room, talking to his patients and making jokes, but he was always somewhere to be seen in the office.  Never was he hidden in some office while the hygienists do all the work.  He truly cares about your teeth (probably more than you do).  He will actually take the time, show you and explain everything and what needs to be done.  He loves to teach you about xrays, your teeth, structures and what's good for your age, etc.  I think he said he teaches at the dental college.I'm uninsured and the prices are very, very reasonable.  Even if they weren't, I would defiantly pay more to receive this kind of quality care.  I have my next cleaning scheduled and I'm actually looking forward to it!!  :)

Soo K.

Jun 2010

Lived in the area for close to 3 years.....never knew of Dr. Lambert's office until I found it on Yelp.  I have to agree with the great reviews I found on this site.  After waiting to secure an appointment I went to go get a check up and to get my teeth cleaned.  The people in the office were very friendly and very knowledgeable.  They answered any questions I had and didn't try to "sell" me any unnessary dental work (woohoo!).  Both Dr. Lambert and the dental hygenist (forgot her name already....) were awesome.  Definitely a great dental office.   If you plan to go, be sure to book early as appointments are booked out quite a bit.

Diana G.

Apr 2010

I was having a really bad tooth ache and because i was not a big fan of dentists i tried treating it at home to only have the pain getting worse.I turned to yelp in search of a dentist who would go easy on me not only physically but financially aswell because my insurance coverage had expired.I was greeted by Dr. Lambert himself and right away i felt at ease and comfortable.He's super nice and really fun to talk to.He took x-rays and determined it was my wisdom tooth that was bad and he recommended i have it extracted.I went ahead and had the procedure done and because i had explained to them that i had no insurance coverage and would be paying in cash Dr. Lambert went really easy on the bill.I highly recommend Dr. Lambert!

Laura O.

Mar 2010

I lived in San Jose briefly for about 2.5 yrs.. and during that time Dr. Lambert was my dentist. I found thim through Yelp, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I can't say enough good things about him!! He is professional, caring, and kind. My boyfriend at the time (fiance now) couldn't see Dr. Lambert due to his dental insurance network coverage. But he was having tooth problems and a very difficult time with his own dentist. I explained the situation to Dr. Lambert, and he tried really hard to assess my bf's condition from the information I gave him, and gave me advices on what he should do. He is just an amazing person..!! I'm really sad that I've moved away now.

Dennis J.

Jan 2010

I have been a patient of Dr lamberts for 20 years. An extremely friendly, caring, proffesional, and efficient staff. Rita goes out of her way to schedule the appoinments, and flex the schedule. Evie gives a very good cleaning, and is an overall genuine caring person. Dr. Lambert gives the security of experience, but always seems to be up to date on the latest techniques. His examination is very thorough and he reviews all aspects of my over all health each time. I have referred more than  a few people, and they all have made him their dentist.

Bob N.

Nov 2009

I came across Dr. Lambert's service on Yelp and based on the great reviews, I decided to consult with him (over the phone) on a potential dental situation. He took 5 minutes out of his busy schedule to give me a straight answer, i.e, nothing to worry about unless I have these other symptoms, and didn't try to sell me on any services. It's so refreshing, when I have actual in-person dental needs, he is at the top of my list.

dianne c.

Sep 2009

II miss Dr. Lambert.  Until I moved 2,000 miles away and went to another dentist I didn't appreciate how great he is.  He knows what he is doing and is both honest and caring.  We plan a trip to visit family in San Jose in June and I plan to make a dental appointment!

Brian R.

Aug 2009

I had a wisdom tooth that was causing me a bit of pain. I called up and they were able to get me in very quickly. Dr. Lambert took a few minutes to chat with me without me feeling rushed, let me explain my issue, and a few moments later he yanked the tooth outta my jaw. I had absolutely NO pain during AND after the tooth pull. I didn't even have to take an advil afterwards.Dr. Lambert is very friendly and runs a tight ship! He seemed genuinely concerned about my tooth problems and seems like a honest, caring person.It's not my place to discuss their cost but I have to say that the price was exceptionally reasonable. For the first time, I did not feel cheated by a dentist office. The staff was very friendly.If I had to sum up the dentist office overall in a few words, I would say "Honest, reasonable, amazing." I am 110% happy with this dental office!

Jamie S.

Aug 2009

Alright guys-get ready for this slice of drama pie.A few years back I cracked a tooth on my tongue stud, and got a filling to replace it. The filling has since fallen out, leaving the nerve exposed, extremely painful, and very pissed off. Last night was the breaking point- after a whole night of sleeplessness, vomiting and blacking out from the pain, I called every dentist I could. Finally I Yelped for dentists and came upon Dr. Lambert.Not only did he actually answer his cell phone [the number was on the answering machine at his office. how amazing! a doctor who actually wants to be contacted by his patients!],-and mind you this is at 6:30 am, but he was very patient, calm, and caring. After 2 minutes of talking with him, he put a very dentist-phobic girl at ease.I haven't even been in to see him yet, but he made a fantastic impression on me....To be updated AFTER he rips the raging tooth outta my gums...

Brian B.

Jun 2009

Been going to Dr Lambert for a few years now, and couldn't be happier.  I've moved a lot, and have had to go to several dentists, but if I move again, I'm making sure Dr Lambert stays close by :)  He's that good!  He teaches in San Francisco once a week, so he's definitely on top of the latest trends in Dentistry.  And my wife has seen him on the bus in SF reading dentistry magazines.  Not only that, but my hygienist, Elvie, is fantastic as well.  Very thorough, gentle, and super nice.   They get 5 stars from me, easily.

Nancy L.

May 2009

I just went to the office this Monday and Tues. I was recommended by a co worker and with no insurance, am glad I went to them. It started with the great phone presence of the receptionist Rita. She is very well informed and sweet. Dr. Lambert of course is a great dentist..funny and makes you feel at ease. The Dental Assistant was also very nice Sally :) Last but not least I saw the Hygentist Irma, for a cleaning. She was very on point and you can tell she loves what she does...She talks to you the whole time she is cleaning which is very comforting to me. Like I mentioned, I have no insurance, the prices are reasonable. I'm so glad i didn't go to a discount dentist, because I would not have had the care and attention i received!

James W.

Apr 2009

Dr. Lambert is the best dentist I have ever been to (and I've been to many). He is friendly, knowledgeable, and talented. For example, he caught a very rare condition on my wife's tooth and managed to save it. I came to him after going to another dentist who said I needed eight fillings but she'd only charge me for five--she had great reviews on Yelp but that didn't seem right at all; so I went to Lambert for a second opinion and it was clear (and has been in the year and a half since) that the other dentist was a scam.I'm very glad to make the long drive over to Dr. Lambert's. The quality of care and the generosity of him and his wonderful staff is just outstanding. He is the warmest and clearest medical professional I have found. I wish I could give him 10 stars!

C. H.

Mar 2009

I have yet to experience his work, but I'm already impressed by how caring he is. I was told that I needed a root canal by another dds so I called around the area for quotes. Cost is important to me bc I am currently uninsured, but I am not willing to compromise the quality of care I receive. Well about 20 calls later I reached Dr Lambert. He was the only one that took about 15 min out of his very busy schedule to walk me through some of my concerns and he also gave me great advice. He then offered to read my xray for me too, free of charge (the previous dds didnt do a good job at explaining the xray to me). This is all before even meeting me! I can't wait to meet him in person...hmm how odd that I'm so excited to go to the dentist. His prices are reasonable, and lower than the majority of the other quotes I received. He is genuine, honest, caring, good-natured, knowledgeable, and funny. What a great human being.

Maribel G.

Mar 2009

I am very pleased with Dr. Lambert.  I became his patient last year when I went in for a check up.  He is very professional, corteous, responsible and knowledgeable.His work is very thorough and clean.  I loved that he gave me tips on how to start a good dental hygiene for my son.He is such a good dentist, my husband now sees him for his dental work and check ups.I have had many dentist and I can honestly tell my family will conitnue seeing Dr. Lambert.

Ivonne N.

Oct 2008

Dr. Lambert and staff were excellent. He really listened to what I had to say regarding my pain. Once he had two possible scenarios - one REALLY bad and one not bad at all, he opted to work on the less serious one based on what I had said. This was on a Friday. I had been in so much pain that I expected to be at the emergency room the next day. Not even close. So far, with the simple procedure he conducted on me, no pain. Thank you Yelpers for leading me down the right track!

Mike N.

Oct 2008

Ya know, a lot of people are just petrified of the dentist and that's their main reason for not going.  For me though, it was simply an issue of cost.  I'm a 20 year old uninsured struggling college student and money doesn't come by as easily as I hope it would.  But I was getting severe pain with my wisdom teeth and at the rate it was starting to effect me, I wouldn't be able to focus on work or studying, so it was an investment for me.Dr. Lambert was a complete savior for me.  I came in, he approached me on time in the waiting area and chatted with me for a bit before we went to the dental area where he explained EVERYTHING to me in fine detail.  And for me, that means a lot.  When I was young, I didn't care what my dentist did, as long as mom said it was okay.  At this point, it's almost a completely necessity to understand everything before we get any medical procedure done.He had all sorts of books and charts, but overall, he proved that he was knowledgeable on my first visit.  I was just coming in for a consultation initially, but I was won over and decided to schedule my appointment right then and there.Now if anyone is going in for anything pertaining to wisdom teeth, I'm going to let you know right now what he let me know the first instant I walked in.  He is NOT an oral surgeon.  He is NOT licensed to put you under using what they call the "standard" techniques.  BUT.  He does a hell of a better job than all the other people I've talked to about their wisdom teeth who did go to oral surgeons.The only thing this means is he charges less and he uses different method, but his method WORKS.  For my friends who was in and out in 30 minutes, he spent an hour and a half of his time making sure it was done right.  I hear the swelling is proportional to how gentle the dentist is.  Well, I didn't swell much and was back in the gym 2 days later with only minor soreness.  All the while my co-worker just got dry sockets, with no stitches in her mouth, and without the little needle-less syringe that Dr. Lambert gave me on the first day to clean the area the day after surgery.  AND she had her surgery done the day before me at a LICENSED ORAL SURGEON in 30 minutes.I actually haven't been able to stop raving about him.  The price was perfect for what was to be done.  His professionalism is above any one that I have worked with.  His staff is ultra sweet.  And I know I'm on my way to recovery simply because I know he did the job right.At this point, I wouldn't want to waste my time with any other dentist.

Jeremy H.

Aug 2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Lambert I would say close to 10 years at this point.Every visit is a breeze.  He is very friendly, and never have any pain issues after getting any work done.  I even have had wisdom teeth pulled and was not a problem.A few year back I was going to switch jobs, so I decided to get all the fillings that I needed with my insurance before I left and lost the benefits.  I went 3 times a week for the 2 week period getting teeth pulled, and fillings.  Now, if he wasn't a good dentist I wouldn't be doing that for sure.  Not only is Dr. Lambert very friendly, professional, but has a good sense of humor too.  He actually enjoys his job and helping people and it really shows.  The whole staff there is great also.  When you walk in the door you will be greeted with a smile by Rita, Irma the hygenist is also friendly and will get you brushing and flossing right.  Obviously, I highly recommend going to Dr. Lambert for any of your dental needs. :)  Even when I had insurance that had Dr. Lambert as "out of network" I still would go to him and would just pay the slightly higher premium... He's that good.

Quetta L.

Aug 2008

Thanks Yelpers!  I found Dr. Lambert here and I was not lead astray.  Dr. Lambert was just as outstanding as all of the reviews!

Cindy N.

Jul 2008

wow after 20 years with the shittiest dentist ever i feel like i stepped into dental heaven.  irma, the dental hygentist, was great and lectured me repeatedly on good oral care.  apparently i've been brushing wrong and she showed me all the plaque buildup around my gums.  out of 20 years of going to my former craptastic dentist this was my first time ever seeing my teeth in that way in a dental chair.  those greedy bastards!  grossed me out enough to go out and invest in an electric toothbrush (irma's recommendation).  dr. lambert is honest and doesn't waste his breath recommending unecessary dental work.  for the past two years i've been told that i had a cavity that needed to be filled.  i knew that was a crock of crap and always made an excuse not to have it done.  no mention of cavity once at dr. lambert's office and i was out the door!see you guys in 6 months!

Annika C.

May 2008

Let me start by saying I live in San Francisco.  About 9 years ago I was commuting to the South Bay for work.  It was time for a dental appointment.  A colleague who lived down there recommended Dr. Lambert.  The rest, as they say, is history.I stopped working in the South Bay about 5 years ago. However, I still drive down twice a year to see him. He's *that* good.  He's funny, he's sweet as can be and it is one of the most welcoming dental offices I have ever been in.  I recently had to have a root canal.  Imagine my surprise at 30 to need one of those!  Like everyone else, I'd only heard horror stories and for the first time in my life was nervous about a dental appointment.  Per usual, he put me at ease, I had zero pain and it was over in a jiffy.5 stars all the way for Dr. Lambert.  I only wish I could take him with me when I move to New Zealand!

Kavita R.

Dec 2007

Dr. Lambert is a great dentist. I am completely terrified of dentists, but he put me at ease with his good humor and his gentle touch.I want to thank other Yelpers for helping me find him. :)

Katie K.

Feb 2007

Dr. Lambert has been my dentist for my entire life and I think he's the best dentist around.  I've tried to go to other dentists but they are never as great as Dr. Lambert, or as gentle.  He's punctual, kind, and very knowledgeable.  Go to him and you won't regret it.

Gina A.

Jul 2006

Dr. Lambert is one of the best doctors that I have ever had!!! My father has been coming to this office since he was a kid when another great dentist cared for him...Dr. Lambert took over this office and my entire family has been under his care for years and years. My dental coverage doesn't even coverage all of Dr. Lambert's expenses - but I pay...he is so good I will pay the difference for his services over any other doctor. He is kind, he is funny, the staff is awesome (they remember your name and everything you've ever talked about), everyone there seems happy and helpful, his VERY knowledgeable (I cannot stress this enough - he will take the time to explain to you what he is going to do) and he is very reasonable - I totally recommend him...over and over and over again! I don't know what I would do with my teeth if it wasn't for this office.

Tobia Z.

Jan 2006

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lambert.  He is simply an excellent dentist.  He is knowledgable, gentle, patient, and kind. He has friendly and helpful staff who do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.  Even when I lived in Davis, CA, I would drive to Santa Clara for dental visits. Worth the long drive.


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