About Our Office

We believe the patients’ wishes and needs come first.

We believe the mouth is connected to the body, and the health of one is inextricably tied to the health of the other.

We believe science and fact should guide our recommendations.

We believe clinical experience and judgment are very valuable, including those of our peers and colleagues.

We believe that “new” may be better but it isn’t always necessarily better.

We believe that we will have to answer to God for our actions and interactions.

All dentists are licensed and regulated by the Dental Board of California. The following are licensed providers in this office, with license numbers:

  • Michael B. Lambert, DMD (License # 33033)
  • Irma F. O’Connor, RDH (License # 8458)
  • Shayesta Ehrari, RDH (License # 23718)
  • Elvie Sim-Fong, DMD (License # 44363)
  • Connie Nguyen, RDA (License # 73769)
  • Rita Himmel, RDA (License # 45948)